Stairs Will For Life Be Just One Of The Most Effective Attributes Inside A Home

Apr 20th, 2012 by Steve Jacob in Stairs

These day modern houses with two or three floors have a spiral staircase as an alternative to traditional straight flights of stairs or winding stairs. Even though these traditional designs offer a range of benefits, a spiral staircase is best for several unique reasons. If you want all space in your home to be used productively then a spiral staircase offers a great deal of space saving. Space is a very important element for any home. Without adequate space for various activities your room is in effect inefficient. Traditional staircases can eat up a large portion of the space you have available and can seriously reduce the efficiency of a building with a limited floor area. A spiral staircase can occupy an ideal space in a building that will not block areas for activity, or require an extension. A spiral staircase can be placed in any corner of your house and will provide easy access for the family to the upper floors.

Spiral staircases are known for their accessibility. Traditional staircases are required to be built at specific locations in the house but a spiral staircase can be built in any accessible corner. You could even have the spiral staircase placed outside to give easy access to upper floors. Aside from the convenience and accessibility spiral staircases provide they are also visually attractive. The break the monotony of a straight flight of stairs and add to the uniqueness and attractiveness of a house due to their unusual winding structure. A spiral staircase can be made from any material, like wood, iron or steel. A wrought iron spiral staircase immediately comes to mind as the forerunner of modern metal spiral staircases found in the market today. It can be difficult to maintain the traditional aspects of a home whilst adding an elegant yet contemporary twist. A wrought iron spiral staircase is one sure way to achieve this. The strength, durability and beauty of wrought iron can transform any home into one of a kind.

A bespoke wrought iron spiral staircase can form a stunning centerpiece. The versatility of the material means these staircases come in a variety of shapes. You can have a classic, elegant look or a more contemporary style or even choose one which has intricate and twisted forms that will provide a talking point for any interior. With some imagination, spiral staircases can be a real asset to the design of a home. They can be built with impressive, carved and decorative railing, to serve not only as stairs, but as a piece of art. This is particularly true for iron spiral staircases that can be built to fit any interior decorating scheme. Spiral staircases are very popular in remodeling of old industrial buildings into living spaces like lofts, which are often of great heights and allow for different levels. The Ironworks is a company that was established in the late 90’s and has over 40 years of experience in the field of metalwork.

Staircases will forever be one of the best features inside a house. If created and installed properly, it will not just improve the indoor aesthetics of your home but also increase the value of the place you’re living. Like when you’re using ornate wooden staircase rails, the stairs can make your home more appealing and even give more space if the staircase is styled carefully. Unfortunately, only a few homeowners realize the impact of well-planned stairs. However, if they do, they still find it hard how to go about its overall built and what type of staircase parts to use. Below are some helpful tips that will help you in improving your home with a new staircase. Because your staircase is one of the first features that people see when they enter your home, it is very important that you give importance in making it look good. Foremost, choose your banisters wisely. Used interchangeably with the term handrail, banisters both improve the look of the staircase and provide safety from falls.

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